Early disclosure of business crisis in Italy: the early warning indicator does exist, it does work, it is not used

Article Date: 13-02-2017
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When a company begins to show signs of crisis, all parties involved are trying to sweep the dust under the carpet. Yet in Italy a warning system for financial crisis, especially thought for small and medium enterprises, exists, it works, but it is not used. It is the RATING that banks give to all po... [Read All]

The organization of the legal profession in Italy

Article Date: 29-05-2014
Categories: Employment Law Typology: Articles
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Sommario 1. The sources of law regulating the legal profession in the Italian system 2 . The aspects of the reform (Law No. 247/2012) 3. The choices made by the reform law 4. Supervision over lawyers’ behaviour and the rules of professional ethics and conduct 5.... [Read All]

Compensation for crime victims. EC: Italian implementation of rules is insufficient

European Commission's October infringements package: reasoned opinion

Article Date: 17-10-2013
Categories: Consumer Law Typology: Legislation
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European Commission MEMO Brussels, 17 October 2013 Justice: Insufficient implementation of rules on compensation for crime victims in Italy The Commission has today issued a reasoned opinion to Italy in the second stage of infringement proceedings following complaints about the country’s i... [Read All]
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