The UK Supreme Court’s strict interpretation of the requirement for an Establishment within the Insolvency Regulation

Article Date: 02-11-2015
Categories: Business Law Contract Law Typology: Case Law
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A few weeks ago (29th April 2015), the UK Supreme Court delivered its judgment in The Trustees of the Olympic Airlines SA Pension and Life Assurance Scheme v Olympic Airlines SA ([2015] UKSC 27). The UK Supreme Court delivers far less judgments than several other European Supreme Courts so its decis... [Read All]

Secondary insolvency procedures may be brought in the Member State where a company has its main seat

Article Date: 22-12-2014
Categories: Business Law Typology: Case Law
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In the instant case, the Brussels Court of Appeal referred a preliminary ruling to the CJEU regarding the interpretation of Regulation 1346/2000 on cross-border insolvency. In the domestic proceedings, the claim had been brought by an Italian company, which had a credit (for unpaid invoices) towards... [Read All]

New tools in Italy for the composition with creditors

Article Date: 22-08-2012
Categories: Business Law Consumer Law Typology: Articles
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  As it was before, the “composition with creditors” (art. 160, Italian Bankruptcy Act) helped too little the insolvent entrpreneurs. Not to mention the “restructuring agreements” (art. 182bis, I.B.A.). The tools provided by the legislator between 2005 and 2006, were am... [Read All]
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