Freedom of movement

CJEU upholds returning law school graduates’ right to qualify as practitioners in different member states to “bypass” home state

Article Date: 17-07-2014
Categories: Business Law Typology: Case Law
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This case addresses a common practice among aspiring Italian lawyers, who allegedly “bypass” some “harsh” features of the Italian route to qualifying for the practice of law in Italy by obtaining a foreign qualification and then return to their home country without having to ... [Read All]

MEPs pave the way for greater professional mobility in the EU

European Parliament. Position 9 October 2013

Article Date: 09-10-2013
Categories: Employment Law Typology: Legislation
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A virtual professional qualifications card, to make it easier for doctors, pharmacists, architects and other professionals to move to and practice in another EU country and an alert system, to make it harder for those barred from a profession at home to do likewise, will be introduced by a new draft... [Read All]

Nullity of cross-border employment contracts drafted in languages other than Dutch breaches EU Law

European Court of Justice, case C-202/11

Article Date: 16-04-2013
Categories: Employment Law Typology: Case Law
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The case was referred to the CJEU by a Belgian Labour Court. In the domestic proceedings, the applicant was Mr. Las, a Dutch national who had been hired by a Singapore-based company for a position based in Belgium (more precisely in Antwerp, Flanders –the Dutch speaking part of Belgium; althou... [Read All]
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