Compensation in Contract

Article Date: 30-07-2014
Categories: Contract Law Typology: Articles
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The European Commission has shown a renewed interest in putting together a systematic framework of the fundamental principles of private law, primarily in the fields of contracts and sales. The Green Paper from the Commission on policy options for progress towards a European Contract Law for consume... [Read All]

Italian RTA compensation scheme consistent with EU law, CJEU rules

European Court of Justice, case C-371/12

Article Date: 23-01-2014
Categories: Consumer Law Typology: Case Law
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The case was referred to the CJEU by the Tivoli General Court (a first instant court located in Italy, near Rome); in the domestic proceedings, a Spanish national, who had had a road accident in Italy, had brought a claim against the insurance company of the Italian driver that had caused the accide... [Read All]

Mandatory insurance must cover non-material injuries suffered by victims' family members

European Court of Justice, case C-22/12

Article Date: 24-10-2013
Categories: Family Law Typology: Case Law
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The CJEU addressed the compatibility with EU Law of the exclusion and/or limitation of certain heads of non-pecuniary damages suffered by family members of road traffic accident victims. In the first case, a Slovakian-insured motorist had caused a lethal car accident in the Czech Republic. Pursuant... [Read All]

Compensation for crime victims. EC: Italian implementation of rules is insufficient

European Commission's October infringements package: reasoned opinion

Article Date: 17-10-2013
Categories: Consumer Law Typology: Legislation
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European Commission MEMO Brussels, 17 October 2013 Justice: Insufficient implementation of rules on compensation for crime victims in Italy The Commission has today issued a reasoned opinion to Italy in the second stage of infringement proceedings following complaints about the country’s i... [Read All]
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