The end of the Civil Service Tribunal

Article Date: 28-11-2016
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The Civil Service Tribunal was dissolved on 1 September 2016. It was composed of seven Judges appointed by the Council for a renewable period of six years. It sat in Chambers of three Judges or, whenever the difficulty or importance of the questions of law warranted it, as a full court. It had juris... [Read All]

Towards 28 more judges at the General Court and no more Civil Service Tribunal?

Article Date: 27-07-2015
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The General Court of the European Union is overloaded. The number of new cases reached an unprecedented level of 912 cases in 2014, from 398 in 2000. Therefore, the number of cases pending before the General Court (1423 cases) rose by nearly 100 compared with 2013 (for the full statistics, see the 2... [Read All]

Italian Civil Code translated in English

Italian Company Law

Article Date: 13-06-2014
Categories: Business Law Typology: Books
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ITALIAN CIVIL CODE TRASLATED IN ENGLISH Italian Company Law by Valerio Piacentini Editor: Ipsoa Year: 2014 CLICK HERE TO BUY THE VOLUME This volume aims to give foreign entrepreneurs and investors operating on the Italian territory an important operative instrument for a correct management an... [Read All]

When may professional sellers be sued in consumers’ Member State?

European Court of Justice, case C-190/11

Article Date: 06-09-2012
Categories: Consumer Law Typology: Case Law
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In a preliminary ruling referred by Austrian Supreme Court, the CJEU clarified that, in some circumstances, it is possible for consumers to file an action before the courts of their own country against a seller based in a different EU member state, even when the contract has not been stipulated &ldq... [Read All]
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