Summer School 2013 of the European Law School - Efficiency and Justice

Rome, 1/7 September 2013

Typology: Events

Summer School 2013 of the European Law School

Efficiency and Justice

Rome, 1st of September – 7th September 2013

1. Sunday 1 September (10.30-19.00) (with Hats, Water and a Picnic)

Capitol (Meeting Point There at 10.30)

Forum Romanum – Palatinum (Rome as Caput Mundi – the Birth of Republic, Empire and Western Architecture) Prof. Stefan Grundmann

2. Monday 2 September (9.00-13.30)

Opening Words

Prof. Luigi Frati, Director of the University of Rome La Sapienza

Prof. Stefan Grundmann, President of the European Law School – Network

Prof. Laura Moscati, Professor of Legal History, University of Rome La Sapienza

Prof. Christian Kirchner, Humboldt-University, Berlin

“500 years of Machiavelli – the Birth of Modern Man”


Prof. Armel Le Divellec, Université Paris2 Panthéon-Assas

Machiavelli, “Efficiency and Justice” in Political Theory and Constitutional Law

Afternoon: Visit to the Supreme Court (Corte di Cassazione).

3. Tuesday 3 September (9.00-13.30)

“Efficiency and Justice” in Economic and Social Theory and in “Business Law”

- With texts by Böhm, Williamson and Akerlof/Kranton (1)

Prof. Stefan Grundmann, Humboldt-University, Berlin / European University Institute, Florence

Prof. John Philipps

Prof. Giuliana Scognamiglio

“Corporate Social Responsibility” As A Specific Topic of the General Theme “Efficiency and Justice in Business Law”

Prof. Carlo Angelici, Università di Roma La Sapienza

Afternoon: Roman Baroque (Prof. Stefan Grundmann) – visit to Consiglio di Stato.

4. Wednesday 4 September (9.00-13.30)

9-11: Prof.ssa Laura Moscati

Efficiency and Justice in Modern Legal History

11-12: dott.ssa Francesca Macino

General Equity and Contractual Practice of Mediaeval Merchants.

12-13,30: dott.ssa Alessandra Paolini

The Role of Shareholders' Meeting in the Management of the Company: Comparing Italian, German and U.S. Law

15-16: dott. Alberto Lepore

The Equity in Employment Cases.

16-17: dott.ssa Ines Ciolli

Constitution and Jurisdiction.

5. Thursday 5 September (9.00-13.30)

9-10: Prof. Guido Alpa

Efficiency and Justice and Consumers Protection: The Case of Mandatory Mediation

10-11: Prof. Andrea Miglionico

The Role of Ethics in the UK Financial System

11-12: dott.ssa Giovanna Montella

La justice selon l'équité dans les décisions de la Cour constitutionnelle italienne

12-13,30: dott.ssa Maura Garcea

The Use of the Company as a Mere Facade: “Lifting the Corporate Veil” and Other Remedies.

15: Visit to the Constitutional Court (Corte costituzionale).

6. Friday 6 September (9.00-13.30)

9-10: Prof. Marco D’Alberti

Efficiency and Justice from a Public Law Perspective

10-10,30: dott. Angelo Castaldo

Economic Analysis of Precontractual Liability.

10,30-11: dott. Luca Di Donna

Gentlemen’s Agreement.

11-13: Prof. Vincenzo Cannizzaro

Machiavelli, Efficiency and Justice in International Law

15: Visit to the Presidency of the Italian Republic (Palazzo del Quirinale)

For further information please write to:

(1) Böhm, Privatrechtsgesellschaft und Marktwirtschaft, ORDO 17 (1966), 75-151; Williamson, Transaction-Cost Economics: The Gover­nance of Contractual Relations, 22 Journal of Law & Economics 233-261 (1979); Akerlof/Kranton, Economics and Identity, 114 The Quarterly Journal of Economics 715-753 (2000).

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