The first year of the ODR platform

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The European Commission released on 24 March 2017 a press statement on the 1st year of the European ODR platform. According to it, in this “first year, over 24 000 consumer complaints were lodged. More than a third of the complaints concerned cross-border purchases within the EU.

Most complaints were about clothing and footwear, airline tickets and information and communication technology goods”. We also learn that 260 alternative dispute resolution (ADR) bodies were registered on the platform and that Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein will join the platform.

Several examples of proper functioning were given:

  • A consumer from Italy complained about a defective ICT product bought from an online trader in Belgium. The platform sent the complaint to the competent dispute resolution body in Belgium. As a result, the Italian consumer was reimbursed.
  • A consumer from Luxembourg complained about a car rented online from a trader in Greece. The platform sent the complaint to the competent dispute resolution body in Greece. The dispute was amicably settled within 60 days. The trader fully reimbursed the additional expenses incurred by the consumer.
  • The platform often also works as a channel of first contact between the parties and a solution is often found bilaterally without taking the complaint to a dispute resolution body. For example, A Belgian consumer had been complaining for months about a defective dryer to a Belgian trader, with no success. When the trader received the complaint via the platform, he contacted the consumer and offered to replace the dryer with a new one.

The Commission will prepare a first detailed report on the functioning of the platform towards the end of 2017.

(Altalex, 10 July 2017. Article by Emmanuel Guinchard)

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