Compensation for crime victims. EC: Italian implementation of rules is insufficient

European Commission's October infringements package: reasoned opinion

Categories: Consumer Law
Typology: Legislation

European Commission


Brussels, 17 October 2013

Justice: Insufficient implementation of rules on compensation for crime victims in Italy

The Commission has today issued a reasoned opinion to Italy in the second stage of infringement proceedings following complaints about the country’s implementation of EU rules on compensation for victims of crime (Directive 2004/80/EC). The EU rules mean Member States must ensure that their national compensation scheme guarantees fair and appropriate compensation to victims of ‘violent intentional crimes’ committed on their own territory. Italy does not have any general compensation scheme for such crimes. Instead, Italian legislation provides merely for compensation to victims of certain violent intentional crimes, such as terrorism or organised crime, but not for others. To date, Italy has not taken the necessary steps to amend its legislation in order to comply with the requirements of EU legislation, meaning that certain victims of violent intentional crimes may not have access to the compensation they should be due. If Italy does not comply with its legal obligation within two months, the Commission may decide to refer the country to the EU Court of Justice.

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