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Leave the EU = leave the UK?

The United Kingdom decided on Thursday 23 June 2016 to leave the European Union, with a clear majority of 52%. The consequences will be felt strongly over the months and years to come, both from within the UK (the current UK Prime Minister David Cameron will quit in three months, with the former London Mayor Boris Johnson likely to replace him) and outside (a two years’ period will be opened in order to negotiate the terms of the withdrawal from the EU: see our previous post here: The proc... [Read All]

The Court of Justice delivered on 21 April 2016 its judgment in case C‑377/14, Ernst Georg Radlinger, Helena Radlingerová v Finway a.s., which is notably about Council Directive 93/13/EEC of ...
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The Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights delivered on 23 May 2016 its much awaited judgment in Avotinš v. Latvia (Application no. 17502/07), which relates to the Brussels I Regul...
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France Télévisions is the French public national television broadcaster. It consists of several channels : France 1ère, France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5, and France &Oc...
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The French Club of Public Service Mediators was created in 2002 and includes mediators from government, businesses, communities and institutions in charge of a public service: mediators of the French ...
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Consumer Mediation in the insurance sector has a legislative basis in Article L 112-2 of the Insurance Code which, following Ordinance 2015-1033, requires explicitly insurers to specify in information...
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Consumer Law Articles
Regarding living cost support for Higher Education in England
The UK Government has now decided to increase the residency requirement from three years to five years for EU nationals before they may claim living cost support for Higher Education, starting in the ...
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The Hague Conference on Private International Law published on 25 February 2016 the report of the Experts’ Group on Parentage / Surrogacy, who met the same month. The experts represented 21 Stat...
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Post Date: 27-09-2012 - Article Date: 22-08-2012
  As it was before, the “composition with creditors” (art. 160, Italian Bankruptcy Act) helped too little the insolvent entrpreneurs. Not to mention the “restructuring agreements” (art. 182bis, I.B.A.). The tools provided by the legislator between 2005 and 2006, were am... [Read All] - Comments (0)
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Post Date: 16-02-2015 - Article Date: 16-02-2015
In a recent case, AmTrust Europe Ltd v Trust Risk Group SpA [2014] EWHC 4169 (Comm) (10 December 2014), the Commercial Court considered whether the English court had jurisdiction to grant an injunction in circumstances where the parties had entered into a number of agreements with conflicting jurisd... [Read All] - Comments (0)
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Post Date: 05-09-2013 - Article Date: 02-09-2013
The government has announced the national minimum wage rates which will take effect on 1 October 2013. It accepted most of the recommendations of the Low Pay Commission (LPC) with one exception; the LPC had recommended freezing the apprenticeship rate at £2.65 an hour, but the government has ... [Read All] - Comments (0)